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iOS 10.3 allows you to connect iPhone and iPad to the Internet via Ethernet

As we know, the iPhone and the iPad does not have an Ethernet port — but in life anything can happen, including a situation when you have neither wifi nor a PC, and the Network is very necessary. Specifically for such cases you can use adapters to connect to the Internet via Ethernet. In iOS 10.3, Apple included the ability to configure the network connection.

Developer Steven Trenton Smith found in iOS 10.3 new section to work with Ethernet adapters. When connecting itself to an iPhone or iPad in settings, there is menu item “Ethernet” with four tabs DHCP, Manual DHCP, BootP and Static. Thus, the owners of iOS devices can fine-tune the operation of the network connection as in macOS.

No need to think that this setting is superfluous. There are several models of Ethernet adapters are compatible with devices running iOS, pozvolyayuschii to connect to wired Internet. Most of them require no additional power or loading of the client from the App Store – they can be connect with Lightning cable. You can imagine a situation where this solution would be very appropriate.

Apple testing iOS release 10.3 January of this year. One of the new features of the upgrade will feature “Find My AirPods”, which allows you to find wireless headphones range up to 10 meters. Their location will be displayed on the map. Also, the developers of the apps in the App Store will be able to respond to user reviews published since the official release of iOS 10.3, and their responses will be visible to all.

In addition to the major improvements, iOS 10.3 also got a lot of minor improvements, among which an expanded set of options for configuring security, quick access to the last three apps in CarPlay. The final build of iOS 10.3 may come out later this month alongside new iPad models.

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