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iOS 10.3.1: what’s new and what has changed

04.04.2017 0 Comments

On Monday Apple posted a free access iOS 10.3.1. Beta for this release was not produced.


iOS 10.3.1: what's new and what has changed

Release the updates took place just a week after a fairly major update iOS 10.3. One of the main changes in the new build was support for 32-bit devices, which were absent in the final version of iOS 10.3. If you have an iPhone 5, iPhone 5c or iPad fourth generation, the update will bring to these devices all the features of iOS 10.3, which was previously unavailable.

Among the innovations in iOS 10.3, note that the new file system APFS, the new search feature headphone AirPods in the app find my iPhone, new 3D menu Touch in Maps, a new section with the account settings in the iOS settings.


iOS 10.3.1: what's new and what has changed

Another change iOS update 10.3.1 is to improve platform security. According to Apple’s older operating systems could allow attackers to execute arbitrary code on the iPhone and iPad within the wireless network Wi-Fi. Vulnerability index vulnerability-CVE-2017-6975 found one of the participants of the project Google Project Zero. In the new Assembly, the security gap is eliminated.

iOS 10.3.1: what's new and what has changed


The iOS update 10.3.1 is already available for install “over the air”, in addition, it can be installed via iTunes. Links to download IPSW files can be found on this page.

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