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Investors put $1.3 billion against Apple on the background of falling shares 6.2%

Emerging shares fall Apple on the background of General growth of the technology sector suggests that traders are pessimistic about the future of the company.

According to, 15 may, short positions in the shares of Apple rose $1.3 billion while during the same time period exchange traded Fund that tracks the overall technology sector, registered a decline in the number of short positions at $316 million

The last two days were especially successful for those who play against Apple as a result of falling stock by 6.2%, the amount of short positions has reached more than $500 million.

Given that Apple is superior to the other companies of technological sector, it is not surprising that she became the target of speculators,”bears.” By the middle of last week, shares of the iPhone maker rose by 34% YTD, compared with 8.7% in the case of S&P 500.

From that moment on 9 January 2007 Steve jobs presented the world the first iPhone price of Apple stock increased more than 12 times, from $12 to $145. the iPhone forever changed the world and the company itself. Since that time the company’s shares and its market capitalization is valued highly.

Of course, when the iPhone was a familiar device, investors have come to expect from Apple’s revolutionary device, which also could change the world. Unfortunately, presented to the public in late April 2015, the Apple Watch, this device did not. This device did not cause changes in the minds of customers and disappointed investors, who began a massive sale of Apple shares.

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It was not until 27 July 2016, when Apple celebrated the sale of their one billionth iPhone and stock prices have moved to growth, having overcome a breakaway. Later in 2016 the fiasco with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has given impetus to growth of Apple shares, which was fully apparent during the craze of the shares of the U.S. stock market after the election of the President of the United States, in the Wake of the frenzied rise in prices due to the bright prospects of the presidency of the trump. At this point, Apple has returned to its former glory, when its shares rose to a peak of $135, recovered to the level preceding the presentation of the disappointing Apple Watch.

The current sale of shares of technology companies has forced investors to think that it may be a prelude to the collapse of the market after Friday, Goldman Sachs released a report in which its analysts found similarities between the current market situation and conditions prevailing before the collapse of the dot-com

As of 21:30 GMT, Apple shares traded at $145,43 (-0,79%).

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