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Intex introduced FitRist – “killer” 15-dollar smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band with OLED display

The market of wearable electronics is rapidly developing. The activity trackers, pedometers, smart watches closer to interact with people in everyday life. The idea is to get this gadget at an affordable price is desired by many users, sometimes transforming into a real purchase.

Indian company Intex has revealed a new fitness tracker FitRist, which aims to become a worthy competitor topping model Mi Band from Xiaomi. Last, we recall, over half a year has sold more than 10 million of its devices. The product from Intex has similar functionality, is cheaper and it boasts of having the integrated display and a number of useful features.

Intex FitRist able to count the distance and completed steps, calories burned and act as a sleep tracker. Among the additional features the manufacturer has special notifications about incoming calls, control your music player and camera to the paired smartphone.

Resolution 0,86 inch screen Intex FitRist is 96х32 pixel. This gadget is protected against splashes and the ingress of water. The bracelet capacious battery, which will ensure the efficiency of the device up to 12 days. Pairing with a smartphone running iOS or Android is via Bluetooth.

Of course, such a list is difficult to surprise someone, but the main advantage of a fitness bracelet is its price. Is it more than the modest sum of 999 rupees or about 1 200 roubles. As a result, the novelty can overshadow the model Xiaomi Mi Band, acquired its popularity primarily due to its low price.

Intex FitRist will be available in two colors – white and dark blue. On the possibility of launching new products on the Russian market of information yet.

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