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Internet users criticized the new MacBook Pro because of the “inflated prices”

In the network appeared the first discussion presented by Apple the new MacBook Pro — conservative users are outraged by the price tags of portable computers of the company. Compared to last year’s models of new items went up at least $200.

The cost of the top model 15-inch MacBook Pro without tax and pre-installed software is $4299. In Russia such a device will cost 350 000 rubles. Potential buyers are cheaper to fly to USA to buy this notebook configuration.

Apple products have always distinguished the high cost. But the company generally keeps prices at the same level. Same iPhone and iPad are almost as much as a year and two years ago. In the “Apple” products are rarely traced large swings in prices. For this reason, the announcement of the MacBook Pro has caused such discontent in the Network.

On the resource Reddit created dozens of topics that discuss new Apple laptops. Most users complain about the cost of laptops, the MacBook Pro became too expensive for most consumers. The cheapest model now costs $1500 instead of $1300, and this is the version without the innovative touch panel Touch Bar, the main pieces of new “proshek”.

If to speak about the device with an OLED display, for the minimum configuration will have to pay $1800, which is quite a lot for a device of this class. The base model 15-inch MacBook with SSD on 256 GB will cost $2300. For comparison, last year’s 15-inch MacBook Pro cost $300 cheaper.

In Russia the price even higher. MacBook Pro without a Touch panel Bar is available for 119 990 rubles. And the model with the OLED display is 144 990 rubles.

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Without a doubt, the high cost of the MacBook Pro will affect the sales of Apple laptops.

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