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IntelliVPN – how to safely circumvent the blocking

If you are concerned about your safety on the Internet and, for example, that your data may be made public (annoyingly, I agree), then perhaps it’s time to protect your Internet activities. No, we are not talking about antivirus or some cunning fierwall. You simply need to encrypt the data that you send to the world network. One such method is to use a VPN, a virtual system, securely closing the outgoing traffic from you. Including on mobile – because the cyber criminals, no matter from which device you access the Internet. One of the most convenient applications that provide access to the anonymous network is IntelliVPN.

Use IntelliVPN is pretty damn easy, easier than playing the primitive game or photographed for Instagram. You go into the app, choose desired region (the program will tell you which is better), click “Connect”, well, actually, everything. At the top of the screen next to the Wi-Fi icon lights up “VPN”, that means it worked successfully.

You probably still don’t really understand why you need it at all. Well, see. Let’s say you connect to an open wifi in a public place. And come on with all his strength to enter passwords, credit card information, write to the mistresses and illegitimate children. All this data is safely sent “to mean” plus or minus with the same success you could shout this voice. To protect yourself, turn on VPN, and traffic will be encrypted.

There is another issue. You at work or any other place you can close the websites – it happened! – you desperately need it. Not to be humiliated in front of administrators to his office, you can simply download this app, connect to VPN and voila – can now re-visit favorite pages, and at the same time pass for a powerful hacker among colleagues.

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Use IntelliVPN free, but there’s a caveat – there is a paid subscription. The amount is relatively small – 149 rubles per month, 1.5 thousand for the year – but give many advantages. First, you will open up all the regions that are at the disposal of the application. So it will go faster. Secondly, technical support will give you priority in any issues. This does not mean that “besplatnikov” massively ignored, but you will have some advantage. Third, and most interesting, you do not need the Tor browser. Who knows, this sort of thing, where you can dive into the depths of the “dark” (or “free) Internet – standard Tor bypasses the lock and allows you to get to the sites domain network .onion.

However, there is a caveat – if you have iOS 10, then go to “closed” sites will not work – Apple said this bug is still under development OS, of Naugatuck had not done anything. However, even if you have already updated, don’t think this feature will pass you. The thing is that premium users, all traffic passes through Tor, which gives multiple advantage to the encryption. This scheme allows you to hide from the provider the fact that the use of the Tor network and, accordingly, can be used to bypass the blocking of Tor nodes external resources. Also you have to hide from the Tor, your real IP address – if the need arises.

And finally, the last advantage IntelliVPN – ability to define rules for automatic connection. For example, you can make a rule that will establish a VPN connection when the device is connected to all Wi-Fi networks other than your home. When you connect your device to the home network, the VPN connection will be disconnected. The authors of the application note that is an exclusive feature for applications of this format.

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In General, IntelliVPN is for those who want either to protect themselves or to remove block chiefs, or to see a little more than a modern network. The first is for the curious and cautious. If you are one of them – feel free to download it, because in the market there are not very many better options. If you don’t, but want and fear – the same swing, because the management can not handle anyone with a click of a button.

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