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Intelligence agencies have called the most popular among terrorists messengers

Terrorist and extremist organizations use to negotiate a few dozen foreign messengers, among which the most popular Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp and Skype. About this report “Izvestia” with reference to sources in law enforcement agencies, explaining that with their help, ISIS was already recruited thousands of Russians.

Sources say the growing activity raising activities of international terrorist organizations that recruit into its ranks not only Muslim believers, but also representatives of other religious faiths. They widely promote and ideologically explain the necessity of departure to Syria to participate in hostilities on the side of ISIS.

“The Internet gives everyone what he wants. The positive feature of it is used by terrorists to the point of impact on people, — the interlocutor told. — Internet serves as a kind of sieve, which allows you to select people who are most prone to information processing. It all starts with friendly, easy communication, followed by a discussion of the fundamentals of traditional Islam. A specially prepared “ideological workers” are gradually eyeing to those who are prone to radicalization vbrasyvaya in conversation, certain slogans or ideas and watching the reaction of the Guinea pig.

When a suitable candidate is identified, the communication moves in a closed group of messengers. “Strong encryption allows members of closed groups to communicate almost in the mode of absolute privacy”, — explained the source “Izvestia”.

And this activity is bearing fruit. According to the April 2017 power structures of Russia have discovered thousands of Russian citizens who went abroad to participate in hostilities on the side of the terrorists. Some of them died. He returned to Russia about 300 people, of which about 150 have been convicted, and another 50 arrested. The remaining is the collection of evidence.

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