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Intel will introduce new processors Coffee Lake on August 21

Intel is preparing to release a new series of processors, which will officially launch on August 21.

The presentation is scheduled for 19:00 GMT and watch it online in several ways — via Intel Newsroom or the official page of the company in Fcebook.

The eighth generation of microchips, which was called “Coffee Lake” should be 30% faster than its predecessors. To introduce a novelty will be Vice-President Gregory Brian (Gregory Bryant), who will talk about all its features. The mention of this, Brian needs to tell me what devices will use the new processors, and when the users wait for these devices on the market.

Previously, Intel confirmed that the first devices running Coffee Lake will be on the market during the Christmas and new year holidays.

Currently information about the upcoming release very little. We only know that one of the demonstrations will be conducted by a company engaged in the development of virtual reality.

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