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Intel to launch in June of the next generation of Thunderbolt

Apple’s decision to abandon the Thunderbolt port in the new 12-inch MacBook with Retina display didn’t stop Intel from continuing development of this standard. According Oszone, at Computex in June, the company intends to present the next generation of the Thunderbolt standard.

Thunderbolt is designed to link computers and peripheral devices like displays and external hard drives, having a data rate higher than the standard USB. The interface is used mostly to Macs and only a few models of Windows. The latest version – Thunderbolt 2.0 has a theoretical data transfer rate of 20 GB/s, twice faster than the speed of USB 3.1.

Intel sent out invitations to the press, which will be presented further development of the standard. What will represent the next generation of Thunderbolt, in the company are not reported. Products that support Thunderbolt 3 may be announced June 1.

Intel exploring ways to increase the data transfer speed of up to 50 Gbit/s based on silicon Photonics, however, it is unlikely that such speed will appear in the near future. At the moment the developers are confident that the available bandwidth is sufficient, and the need for it to increase may occur as the video format of 8K which is far from that (although its support is already there in Windows 10).

Intel is a member of the USB-IF and the event will also pay attention to the USB 3.1 type C. In the future, you can use Thunderbolt with copper and optical cables for USB 3.1.

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