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Intel strained: Russia’s new processors “Baikal” has surpassed Western counterparts

This week the Ministry of industrial trade gave the company “T-Platforms” grant in the amount of 150 million rubles, which will go to the development of a heavy-duty laptop that will be used by domestic processors “Baikal”.

As reported Slovodel, domestic hardware will exceed Western counterparts in a number of key criteria.

“Unkillable” laptop

“T-Platforms” has started active work after the introduction of sanctions by Western countries in the course of import substitution and has already implemented several projects. At the moment the company is developing two projects. The first dedicated to the laptop, which is created on the basis of the x86 Intel processor, the second project — a fully domestic development based processor Baikal-M company “Baikal electronics”, subsidiary company “T-Platforms”. The laptops will run on the Linux operating system, but at the request of customers, they will build Windows 10.

All developments come “on Board” domestic companies that have the infrastructure and people working in extreme conditions.

“In certain segments such computing, of course, claimed, “industrial” laptops needed for exploration, production of oil and gas, where challenging conditions, including weather, but the question is, of course, in price: will Russian laptops competitive relative to their foreign counterparts. If we are going to develop our economy, we need to own technology, not to localize imported, namely to produce their own equipment,” – said the Chairman of the Association of manufacturers of electronic equipment and devices Svetlana Apollonova.

According to the authors, to create “industrial” laptop they will need at least a year.

To replace Intel

Prior to this, the company has developed a Russian dual-core processor Baikal-T1 on 32-bit MIPS Warrior core. According to representatives of the Russian holding company “RIKOR” Alexey Vanin, the price of domestic processors will vary in the range of $50 whereas the same processor Intel Core i3-3110M is now $100. The combination of the processor and high speed interfaces allows the chip quickly and with a minimum expenditure of energy. The manufacturer declares that the high competitiveness of Russian processor.

Last year the production was sent to the German computer center Forschingszentrum Julich, state University of new York at stony brook, Riga technical University, the Finnish supercomputer centre CSC-IT Center for Science.

Also there are negotiations with the Russian manufacturer of smartphones Yota Devices. The founder of “Baikal electronics” Vsevolod Opanasenko said:

“If we reach agreement, we will start to design the processor for mobile devices”.

Now the Russian processors are interested in more than 100 companies, including those from Taiwan and several European companies. At the same time, according to statistics, the sales of Intel and AMD processors in Russia are reduced.

Subsidiary company “Baikal electronics”, with the participation of Rostec and RUSNANO in 2014 creates Baikal microprocessors for personal computers and microservers. In August 2015 the Expert Council of the industrial development Fund has approved a 500-million ruble loan in order to release the processor Baikal-T1 in mass production. By 2020, the market will do at least 5 million of these processors.

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