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Intel strained: Russia moves to domestic processors “Elbrus”

When it comes to Russian processors, many believe that it is something mythical, created only for demonstration at exhibitions. But this is not so. Many of us have repeatedly used the systems running on the processors of domestic production produced under the brand name “Elbrus”.

Where users could “feel” the work of Russian processors? For example, when applying for a passport — the whole system of issuing passports and passports in Russia is working on the servers, created on the basis of “Elbrusy”. Therefore, every Russian citizen, obtain a passport, have already “tested” the work of these processors. In addition to the passport system chips used in other areas.

This year began production of OCTA-core “Elbrus-8”. In addition, the development of new models. Many are mistaken, believing that the Russian computers bulky. For example, we have started the production of mini-desktop “Elbrus-101”, which is equipped with a module Wi-Fi, three Ethernet ports, two HDMI, eight USB ports, two COM ports and six-channel sound.

In addition, the Board installed the SSD, there are seven SATA ports, fully PCI Express and mini PCLe. It is quite a compact work of Russian computer.

The technique includes a port for direct connection of led panels. Thanks to this “Elbrus-101” you can use the advertising structures and large information screens.

In the Institute, the Scale was able to develop a generic server motherboard into which you can safely install Russian processors “Elbrus” and “Baikal”, and even foreign Intel. Russian manufacturers and users use ultra adapter for quick exchange of information between the different modules of supercomputers.

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As the interface in Russia prefer not to use optical cables as usual. Experts say that in many cases ultra-fast transfer of information over short distances optics noticeably inferior to traditional cables.

Thus, the Russian manufacturers have sufficient experience for their own development of processors and system implementation throughout Russia.

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