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Intel promises to release patches to correct vulnerabilities Spectre and Meltdown

Intel encourages users to avoid installing updates that were released to protect against attacks Meltdown and the Spectre, and partners to stop its spread. The company recognized that the patch may cause unexpected reboots of the computer.

Intel has found the root cause of the problem, at least for some of its chips, and is working on a new patch. The company recalled that it is necessary to update the OS, but install this specific patch is best avoided. Users accustomed to installing any security updates that may be difficult to figure out how to escape this fix.

“I apologize for any disruptions that may occur after you upgrade, — said the Executive Vice President of Intel Data Center Group Naveen Shana just. — Food safety is critical for Intel, our customers and partners, and for me personally. I assure you we are working around the clock to provide a solution to these problems.”

The statement of the representative of Intel is likely to cause confusion among many users. At least for those who use Windows, patches usually come through Windows update, not from the company itself. It is difficult to allocate them to remove some and install others. Many people are accustomed to automatically install all security updates.

However, almost immediately after the user refused to install this specific patch, Shana just advised to update their computers.

“We still encourage all customers to be vigilant in ensuring the security and it is recommended to keep your system up to date”, he said.

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Attack Spectre and Meltdown be possible because of a vulnerability that affects almost every computer chip, and the vast majority of computers, tablets and smartphones, created over the last 20 years. In December last year it became known that the attackers can use the flaw to gain access to classified data residing on the computer including passwords. Intel chips especially are strongly vulnerabilities Meltdown.

Since then, as January 3, Intel has released an update that eliminates a security vulnerability, some PC users have reported that their computers are rebooted more often than usual. Next week, the company in its blog said that he knew about the problems with the patch, noting that they seem to especially affect the chips of the fourth generation Haswell and Broadwell fifth generation.

According to Executive Vice President of Intel Data Center Group Chenoa of nun, the root cause of failures could be identified. Intel has found the root cause of the problem, at least for some of its chips, and is working on an update.

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