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Intel has started selling a smart wristband to track your sleep and physical activity Basis Peak

In addition to the industry giants, Apple or Google, the market for wearable devices, unlike the smartphone market, there is still a place for small companies. One of them is Basis Science, presented a fitness tracker called the Basis Peak. Previously, the company is owned by Intel, has already released a fitness tracker under the name of B1, however, the new model has been improved on all fronts, including in terms of design. He became thinner, lighter and made of metal, having extended touch features and functionality.

Device Basis Peak round the clock, including during physical practice, to measure the heart rate, monitor the level of physical activity, analyzing the state of the user during sleep. The gadget automatically detects walking, running and Cycling. Outputting the screen of text messages and notifications about calls and e-mails.

Rectangular case with a well readable even in direct sunlight the display is attached to the wrist with a soft silicone strap. Monochrome touchscreen display has protection in the form of Gorilla glass 3, and the casing is dustproof and waterproof, even at 50-meter depth.

Time of operation of the devices does not particularly surprise — only four days, although seemingly monochrome display should significantly increase this value. But, apparently, the hardware has to process so much information that 4 days is still the limit.

The device is already available for a suggested retail price of 229 euros. The buyer can choose a matte black case with black strap with red accents and polished silver case with a white leather strap with grey accents.

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Basis Peak is integrated with the Runtastic app, which you can use to monitor pulse, to plan the route of your workouts and track your current location using GPS.

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