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Intel: fix Spectre randomly reboot computers

In early January 2018, the Intel was faulty and Spectre Meltdown. On 18 January, the representatives of the company said that the elimination of these fundamental errors can cause unwanted reboots of the computers.

With the help of the Spectre and the Meltdown attackers can access sensitive user information. Patch, closing loopholes for Linux, has already appeared in the network. Apple has released an update that allows you to compensate for the fault. However, such measures are not a full solution to the problem.

Studies have confirmed that all the Intel processors made in the last decade, contain a vulnerability Spectre and Meltdown. The only exception is the series of 2018, dubbed the Coffee Lake.

The Intel specialists are developing a universal fix, but have not yet achieved success. The most effective proposals lead to unwanted and sudden reboots of the computer, what can seriously complicate the user experience.

However, engineers do not lose hope:

“We have reproduced the problem in the laboratory and closer to understanding the root causes of malfunctions. Next week we will publish a beta firmware to the developers of the software could check it.”

Some experts recommend that users install the updates, because I believe that data protection is more important than a stable machine work.

It should be noted that while it could not be determined, none of the attacks based on the Spectre, and Meltdown. So some PC owners can wait for the correct fix.

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