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Integerid: SDA 2015 and Penalties [+5 promo]

The developers of the popular app “VIN check”, to check the car on the limit, has released a new application in the field of automotive subjects. The program is called Antigold.

In Integerid detail a possible line of conduct when stopping by the road traffic police officer, in the presence of disturbances, and when you try inspector frankly capitalize on the driver. The explanation not only duties but also rights of the driver, as well as the ability to defend them by reference to the articles and the laws – perhaps the primary function of the application.

I would like to highlight a few additional, but no less important, topics in Integerid: traffic rules and Fines”. Table of penalties with the group not only on the level of responsibility, but the theme is good thing for daily use. Particularly pleased that some of the descriptions fines augmented images with detailed explanations subtle nuances in situations that are used by the traffic police.

Another section of the application contains the rules of the road with all the additions for 2015; section signs and markings.

The number of regions with phones duty units and hotlines police – will be useful to every motorist in defending their legitimate rights. You may even mention that you know the telephone number of the trust and the name of the employee responsible for working with applications that will not allow the inspectors to put pressure on you.

Download “Integerid” on iPhone with iOS 6 and above at this link.

The developer has given us 5 promo codes for free game downloads. Codes will be raffled among the visitors who left a comment to the article. Don’t forget to fill out the E-mail field. Good luck!

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