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Instead, your guide to the world of hotels

Along with summer comes not only welcome is warm, but time for the holidays. And any journey involves two important issues: what to get and where to live. We often talk about the services that simplify the solution to the first question, but for now we will focus on the second paragraph – as quickly and cheap to find a hotel, hotel, hostel or apartment.

For writing material we’ve examined the list of winners of the World Travel Awards is something like the “Oscar” among travel companies. And it turned out that the nomination “the Best compare prices on hotels” have won three of service So we will not reinvent the wheel, but just trust the professionals, and consider Instead the Russian version of the resource HotelsCombined.

Instead, buy exist as a normal website and in app form for iOS and Android. Since the functionality of both versions is almost identical, there is no reason to overlook, say, a website. Just know all that is written about mobile app, true for web version.

If a quick look at Instead, you might think that this is a classic “broniowski” type or domestic “Island”. In fact, it is not so. Using Instead, nothing is booked, it is the aggregator, “absorbed” all the other aggregators; a sort of metaservis. All these booking systems mentioned Booking, Ostrovok and others – are already included in the search system Instead. Thus, asking a query application, you will immediately “interrogate” all other services. Imagine a huge pyramid, where the bottom of the hotels above located travel companies, even higher – the usual aggregators, but at the top will be Instead. The advantage is clear: looking for a hotel on vacation, you immediately see all the available options. This extends the range and increases the chances to find the best price: one service arranges action, the second arrangement with the hotels, third just announced a discount.

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The application works very simple. You register, enter in the search engine data: two people, may 5-9, Tallinn. Click on the search button, it takes several seconds, and the application throws hundreds of hotels. Search first, highlighting the best options that best correspond to the price and reviews. But if you have some requirements to the future place of residence, do not hesitate to bring them into the “Filter:” free Wi-Fi, number of stars, distance from the centre and so on.
When you see a hotel, feel free to click on it – will get in the information window. Here you can check prices of different rooms, see photos, find reviews and read what are the services. If you decide to book, zmacknete number – Instead takes you to the site aggregator, where did the app.

There are other useful features. For example, the hotel can be added to “favorites”, but its location is to look at the map – there will be other hotels. And some nice “Goodies” for registered users: ranging from exclusive discounts and ending with synchronization across multiple devices.

Instead, the app is free, so the money will not take. Advertising, oddly enough, also. Well, with all clear functionality – one of the most advanced on the market, no wonder the service for three consecutive years was recognized as the best in its category.

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