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Install iOS 6 on iPhone 4s and iPad 2 right now

Usually Apple does not allow users to roll back to previous versions of iOS. Recently such an opportunity came from the owners of one of the most popular models of smartphones Apple – iPhone 4s.

iOS 9.3.5 – the latest version of iOS for that model iPhone, and I must admit: the iPhone 4s works on it slowly. There are two good reasons to install iOS 6. First, the iPhone will be much faster. And secondly, this is a unique opportunity to estimate the interface in the spirit of the skeuomorph. During the release of iOS 7 was a huge number of supporters of the old interface, so that there, many still remember with nostalgia the icons look like real objects.

In order to perform a rollback to the previous version of iOS, the lucky owner of the iPhone 4s (or iPad 2, for which this manual is also suitable) will need a computer with iTunes installed, a sync cable, and of course the device itself.

• First of all, you need to make a full backup in iTunes, because when you install iOS 6 on iPhone will erase all data;
• go to the website and download the firmware file iOS 6.1.3 on the computer;
• connect iPhone to computer and launch iTunes;
• open the page with iPhone, hold down the Shift key on Windows or “cmd” on macOS and click “Restore”;
• in the pop-up window to select the previously downloaded file with the extension “.ipsw”;
• wait until the system is installed and loaded.

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Let’s not forget that iOS 6 is already outdated. Not all programs run on iOS 6, and those who work will have a legacy. For example, Instagram will work, but to create and see history will not work. Principal applications are most likely to support iOS 6. So, VK, Telegram, 2GIS or Yandex Maps works fine. Of the notable limitations of WhatsApp and Apple Music (at the time of the release of iOS 6, the service did not exist).

If small restrictions do not seem critical, you should hurry, because the ability to install iOS 6 may disappear at any time.

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