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Instagram was allowed to publish a photo using the mobile version of the website, including the iPad

Service Instagram announced an update to the mobile version of the website. Now pictures can be published not only via the app but via a mobile browser, including iPad.

Instagram has allowed users to use Network image through the interface of the mobile version of the website. This helps users who cannot or do not want to use the official app to take pictures or to post existing personnel.

When you open the website from your smartphone or tablet registered user can upload a photo from gallery or take a new photo.

Mobile version of the site was very similar to the functionality of the official app, but it does not review the “Story” and to share personal messages. While in mobile version the user can only cut the filters in it are not yet available. Also you can’t download the videos to create a “history” and send private messages.

According to experts, the upgrade will allow the service to keep the advantage in competition with the main rival is Snapchat. Also new mobile version could become popular in developing countries, and for problems with Internet access.

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