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Instagram users on Android had access to 3D Touch

It seems the 3D Touch has ceased to be the privilege of the flagship smartphones of Apple. The possibilities of Apple technology available on the social sharing application Instagram for iPhone 6s, now available and users of the lenses, and on Android, without requiring a built-in display of the force sensor is pressed.

The Instagram service was one of the first who implemented a 3D Touch into iOS, allowing users to increase the thumbnails of photos in the feed and on the search page clicking on the screen with little effort. Now a similar option appeared in version apps for Android.

You will not be able to use it in the main section, but it is available when viewing search results and user profiles. When using long taps to zoom, and swipe down to like, leave a comment or send a picture.

Due to the lack of the touch sensitivity display users Instagram for Android will not be able to use the gesture to Pop further open the snapshot from the preview mode, but in any case, the owners of “green robot” has been a welcome addition. The company decided that some of the 3D Touch gestures don’t need to have Apple branded display.

To access the new functionality to update Instagram to the latest version. If you are not able to update through Google Play, then install the app manually by downloading the APK file.

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