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Instagram is testing an interactive ad with 3D Touch

Instagram is testing a new type of advertising that uses a 3D Touch. Due to this, iPhone owners can interact with ads and pay for purchases using Apple Pay service.

Thanks to the technology of 3D Touch, which first debuted on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, users can view online content and work with it, even opening. Available for many operations in iOS 9, so that the usual user actions are more intuitive. A lot of new opportunities that open with just a tap.

In the case of Instagram, the 3D Touch technology will allow advertisers to deliver layered images within one ad. However, users will be able to see the new banners in the case of a stronger pressing for publication. And thanks to Apple Pay users Instagram will not have to enter my credit card data to buy goods.

Using a new type of advertising company can in one post to show different menu items in the café or different color variations of clothing that offers advertisers huge scope for creativity. And secure payments via Apple Pay will make such purchases more attractive.

The button “Buy now” appeared on Instagram in June of this year. At the moment, similar functions are available also on Pinterest and Twitter.

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