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Instagram complained about the censorship in the App Store

In the U.S., is gaining popularity flashmob protest against the policies of Instagram. The social network has changed the rules on the publication of photos, poised to blacklist the pond, users can’t post pictures that show intimate parts of the body. Instagram takes over any, including the female breast, or rather, nipples. Banned even “unerotic nudity” – for example, photos of breast after removal of a cancerous tumor or the process of breastfeeding.

Chapter Instagram Kevin SISTROM explained the censorship policy of the social network age restrictions in the App Store. According to the rules of the online Apple store, apps, contains erotic materials, shall be marked with mark of 17+. Now Instagram has a limit of 12+ and can not go to place the content of an intimate nature, because it may lose a significant part of the audience, whose age is less than 17. In case of violation of the rules, the application may be removed from the App Store.

Members of the movement #FreeTheNipple advocate for equality in the possibility of publishing a naked male and female body. However, Instagram is steadily removes images from photos of Nude female Breasts. On the other hand, scantily clad men no one is outraged, and search for the keyword “nipples” still allows to detect even in Instagram a lot of juicy posts.

Last year the daughter of Hollywood stars Bruce Willis (from his marriage to demi Moore) Scout Willis in protest against censorship in Instagram walked around new York Topless. In his Twitter girl posted pictures from the trips (1 and 2). “Allowed in new York, but banned in Instagram”, – has commented on 22-year-old Scout.

However, the idea of this belongs not to protest Scout Willis, she appeared before the censorship in Instagram. Social movement “Free the nipple” exists for a long time and opposes any bans on demonstration of the female breast.

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