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Instagram added Superzoom Stories

This effect is very popular among many users, but if you previously had to create manually, now this is no longer required.

The bottom line is that when you press a special button in the section Strories the camera takes a short 3-second video with a 3-fold increasing zoom under dramatic music. These videos are ideal for creating memes.

Section Stories in the Instagram is becoming more and more similar to the app Snapchat. Previously, the company has added the ability to impose a selfie filters on your photos and videos, and has introduced a number of features such as Boomerang (duplicates the principle of operation of the same application), “hands-Free” and “writeback”.

The function itself Superzoom refers to the meme “the Dramatic Chipmunk” (Dramatic Chipmunk). This video on JewTube service about the Chipmunk, who is remembered for his dramatic look. The original video more than six million hits and over 500 parodies.

Along with the new feature Instagram added Stories in new selfie-filters dedicated to Halloween.

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