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Injustice 2 – superheroes among us

14.05.2017 0 Comments

We all know that there is nothing worse, sadder and neumestno fighting games on mobile – apart from a few happy exceptions (one of which came out of the walls of the Russian company), then the situation can be described as very poor. Or the unthinkable something where you have to press simultaneously on ten buttons, either not fighting, and the game is in the style of “chirknite that way”. Mobile unit NetherRealms straighten the situation as you can: their Mortal Kombat X and Injustice was, of course, games are primitive, but at least funny and in its own pedigree. Injustice 2, timed to the release of the “big” games, goes even further: points of contact between the handheld version and the desktop became much more.

Injustice 2 – superheroes among us

The routine here is the same as before: you have a roster of well-known comrades who are fighting with another roster, where the comrades are not less known. Anecdotal, when Batman is fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Joker (although, fans of the comics will surely find a couple of cases) is not just possible but the only true. Because the team takes anyone who had the resources – not to the moral aspect.

The combat system is pretty much the same as before. You strike with your fingers here and there (you can just tap on the screen will be “C grade”), and the hero zealously runs around the screen, dealing terrible blows. The health bar decreases, but the opponent is no fool and in his Arsenal are interesting techniques.

Injustice 2 – superheroes among us

More on specular: you save energy, activated a couple cool attacks, run up to enemy, click. The animation is taken from the “big” games – Harley Quinn holds an impressive series of punches and crowned it off with gunfire shots of heels. Fatality is a separate function – also migrated from console 2 Injustice: Batman drags the enemy into the stratosphere, where the villain shoots a special fighter. However, unlike the original, fatality does not mean the end of the battle – heat can and need to arrange in the middle of combat.

Injustice 2 – superheroes among us

To the current list of profiles joined by another – and unexpected. The story, for the first time normally implemented in Mortal Combat Versus DC Universe, really opened up in MK 9. Since then, the commercials, the script and cut scenes – not an empty phrase for fighting. In the “big” Injustice 2 story too, and there he and mobile version. Moreover, one hundred percent the same – at least in the trailers. The narrative is a bit different – split from the battle – but the whole “film” and involved characters migrated from consoles. So far, however, it is possible to pass only the first Chapter – the rest is hidden behind the badge “soon.” It’s true – the sequel will be released on consoles only at the end of may, it would be silly to “spoil” the entire plot a week before release. Even in the conjugate app.

Injustice 2 – superheroes among us

Of course, there are other modes – the first which you meet, something like the official campaign. A lot of fights, a lot of superheroes and villains, decent prizes and consistently increasing complexity (over time, of course, flying in space). Because of the complexity, alas, you will have some time to stop and look for other sources of “funding”. They have a tab with the special operations (sends the hero on a separate mission), the tab with additional tasks. There is another “League”, but it is hidden.

Injustice 2 – superheroes among us

And, of course, multiplayer mode. Here for the victory pay a separate currency and the goal is to climb as high as possible in the local roster. Rivals are selected automatically, based on your total “risk”. To win, however, not only the skill of the roaster, but wins the strongest.

As with many shareware games, it will eventually begin to ask – and active. The parameter “energy”, and countless fragments of characters, rare chests and random prizes – all this makes you to uncover the purse and get a Bank card. The first time you can still managed your skills and win due to skill and reaction, but then… will be tough.

Through this mobile Injustice 2 will collect, perhaps even more than the console, but partly true – it’s bright, pretty and bold fighting game in which you can disappear for hours. Until the end of energy.


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