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Inhibits iOS 9? How to restore the performance and get rid of the “lag” of the new OS

September 16 was the release of iOS 9, and within days many iPhone owners have flooded the Internet with complaints about the update. iOS 8 also at the time of exit was full of errors: 10 subsequent updates were meant to fix them, but coped in the Apple, not all the problems.

Beta testing iOS 9 lasted more than three months, but she was still quite “raw”. The iPhone and iPad owners complain of the delay, “brake” system and slow the OS in General. And this is true for both new and old models. Probably in the next update, many bugs will be fixed.

Solve the problem right now is possible, using the default settings of the operating system. Disabling some effects and features can significantly improve the performance of iPhone and iPad, and also get rid of unpleasant “lag”.

The decrease in transparency

Special chic software Apple gives transparency. Many elements of iOS 9 is satisfied with the effect of depth – layers above the main interface. While everything below that becomes blurred as behind the frosted glass. This effect is observed everywhere in the OS, including the notification Center, control, top panel with clock and other items. Disable translucency UI go to Settings –> General –> accessibility –> Increase contrast -> Decrease in transparency. By default, the switch is in the “Off”position.

Disabled effect iOS 9 is much quicker, even on the iPhone 6. And on the iPhone 4s and iPad 2 most of the animations, such as opening blinds, scrolling home screens, launching apps, now not accompanied by “lag” and work very smoothly. Significantly decreases the reaction time of the device at the tap.

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To reduce movement

Apple probably spent a lot of time to create a parallax effect for Wallpapers, creating a three-dimensional effect. Everything looks beautiful, but in addition to devouring energy and unnecessary load on the CPU, this option is no good. So back in Settings –> General –> accessibility, proceed to the section “Reduce motion” and turn on “Reduce motion”.

Disable background app refresh

Apps in iOS 9 are able to load information in the background. The function is very useful, but it consumes battery power and advanced CPU load. Go to Settings –> General –> background app Refresh and disable the use of services in the background. Feature can be turned off completely or limit its use for some applications.

To disable offers Siri

In iOS 9 additionally feeds gadget new feature “Offers Siri”. The operating system in the background and monitors the actions of the user to give hints on the Spotlight page. To return to the previous performance iOS can disable this option. Setting “Proposals Siri” is in the menu Settings –> General –> Spotlight Search.

If you followed the steps above, but iOS 9 continues to “slow down”, it may make sense to go back to iOS 8.4.1 and wait for the cumulative update. How to rollback iOS 9, you can learn in this article.

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