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infltr: 5 million filters for photo

If you are tired of a limited set of filters on the iPhone, one of the options to add variety – set infltr. According to the developers of the application, with the help infltr you can get more than 5 million unique colors.

To use infltr very simple. You need to choose any photo from your library and just run your finger across the screen. The user as if moving along the color spectrum, changing the color scheme photos. For a small fee, a person gets an almost infinite number of different shades.

“Say goodbye to boring old filters and filter life as you live it – instantly” – say the developers of Yooshr. The app works with the camera in real time, so you can change the colors of the world directly during shooting.

Touch the screen to create the desired song, the flick of a finger, create a color scheme. Short promo video from the developers further demonstrates the principle of operation infltr.

Download infltr in the app catalog App Store. The new product is compatible with iPhone / iPad and sells for $ 119 rubles.

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