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Industry streaming music beats records thanks to Apple Music

The launch of the Apple Music allowed the music industry to Wake up from a long hibernation, and in the first half of this year and even set a record. Such data leads research firm Nielsen.

Weekly in the United States initiated a 7.5 billion music streams, and the merit of the Apple Music service is difficult to overestimate. According to analysts, the growth in the number of auditions was 62% compared to the previous year.

Most successful artists became Lady Gaga, the interest of which has increased dramatically after her performance at Superbowl, and Drake, who set the present record with his new album. However, the previous bar has installed it, so the struggle Drake is, in fact, is with yourself.

Amid falling sales of music in digital form or on physical media by 20%, streaming services have become a major source of income for artists and record companies. The income services is quite high, usually bought the right to the exclusive premiere of the album or single popular artist.

Monetization of such services takes place according to two models: subscription and advertising. Apple Music available for a monthly fee, then as one of the largest streaming services uses a combined system: you can listen for free with advertising breaks, and for money with additional benefits.

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