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Independent benchmarks denied Microsoft about “the world’s fastest” browser Edge

In the message, recently published in the blog of Microsoft, the head of the Windows Insider program, Gabe Aul said that the team of developers of browser Edge continues to optimize and achieved a record performance. It is alleged that Edge is faster Chrome or Safari, and even in your own benchmarks Google and Apple. Independent testing conducted by resource CD-RW, showed that Microsoft Edge cannot be called the world’s fastest browser.

Microsoft said that in the benchmark WebKit Sunspider browser Edge works by 112% faster than Chrome, the Google Octane superiority Edge over Chrome is 11%, and Apple JetStream Edge ahead of Chrome 37%. In view of the fact that both browsers use WebKit, the comparison results were shown only for Chrome.

In CD-RW checked those results for which we used the laptop Lenovo Thinkpad X301, technical version of Windows 10 in the Assembly 10240 with all updates for July 18 and the stable version of Chrome 43. All tests were carried out three times.

The first two tests were conducted at the official benchmarks WebKit and Google. Test SunSpider browser Edge really was faster than Chrome, but not by 112%, according to Microsoft, and by 67%. The author noted that this is an impressive result, however, falls short of the stated company. Test Google Octane browser Microsoft also bypassed Chrome, but not 11%, but only by 5%.

At the same time, when testing using independent Peacekeeper tests and Browsermark the result was the opposite. In the first benchmark Google Chrome was faster Edge to 87%, and according to Browsermark test (66%).

In CD-RW claim that Peacekeeper is more “fair” test, so in real terms the Chrome Edge will be faster. Particularly, it relates to HTML5.

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