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In Yandex.The Navigator has the opportunity to call a tow truck or a technical service

In mobile Yandex.The Navigator for iOS and Android have the ability to call technical service or a tow truck. As they say the creators of the service, this innovation will help the driver with the car if something happens on the road.

You can send a request to “Yandex.Navigator”. It is sufficient to specify the brand and model of the car and tell where it is and what help is needed — for example changing a wheel, towing to the curb or to the battery.

Within 15 minutes the app will send an offer for one or more services that are ready to accept the order. They are selected by rating, price and distance from the machine. The driver can choose the service and wait for the professionals.

“Drivers can call using the app a tow truck or a technical service, which will change the wheel, will help to start the car or eliminate some other fault. The app will help to know the location of technical services, the prices of services and rating companies”, — said in “Yandex”.

In the beginning of the year a new opportunity was launched in test mode in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Now it is available throughout the country.

The Application Yandex.Navigator allows you to solve different problems faced by drivers. It builds routes taking into account traffic jams, warning of the cameras helps to focus on the road, and with the release of the latest version of find Parking. Using the App you can also repay traffic fines or to find a service station nearby.

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