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In “Yandex.Disk” appeared unlimited storage for photos and videos

“Yandex.Drive” has received support unlimited startup photos and videos from your smartphone.

The startup can be enabled in the app settings or when you first start it. Uploaded images and videos not take up space on “Yandex.Disk”.

No matter how much you take a photo on your phone and download the Disk with the startup volume of your disk will not decrease, but the pictures will remain forever.

The team blog of “Yandex.Disk”

Uploaded files are not compressed. Photos and videos can be viewed in the mobile app and the web version of “Yandex.Disk”. If you move the photo to another folder or delete, it will cease to be unlimited storage and will take place at “Yandex.Disk”.

Google has a similar service Photos, which is also able to automatically upload photos and videos. But unlike “Yandex.Drive”, with unlimited downloads of Google Photos compresses files.

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