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In Yandex.A taxi appeared the helmets of a virtual reality

On the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg there was a 50 car Yandex.A taxi equipped with virtual reality helmets. According to the developers, with them, an ordinary trip becomes a journey through the jungle on a roller coaster.

“In Russia this is the first experiment of this kind, — says the head of marketing communications group Yandex.Taxi Daria Zolotukhina. The ride lasts about 20 minutes. The passenger usually holds them looking at their phone, listening to the radio or conversing with the driver. Alternatively, we offer entertainment content — so that passengers can escape from everyday reality.”

Any special conditions not: you just need to call a taxi at the rate of “Economy” or “Comfort”. If your order machine will respond with a virtual reality helmet, then the app should notify about the upcoming journey. The driver will show the helmet will help to turn it on and instead of city streets the car moves through a tropical forest.

Of the cars participating in the campaign, equipped with child seats, so virtual reality can be seen and children to use a helmet 7 years old. Also, you can transfer it to each other, so if you’re carrying several passengers, a ride through the jungle.

Helmet of the attraction provided by the company Fibrum. To share my impressions about virtual reality Yandex.Taxi is available in Twitter with the hashtag #nerealnaya.

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