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In “Vkontakte” was a large-scale failure

Users of the largest Russian social network “Vkontakte” complained of large-scale failure. The service was inaccessible pictures and photos of users.

Users “Vkontakte” can not see and download the images. Also not playing music and videos.

Traditionally, users have gone to complain about a problem with Twitter, which once again brought in the top hashtag #wikivi.

“I WANT to SEE MEMES, AND NOT the WHITE SQUARES,” write the users. “VC you’re there or what in the blue whale play ? Too often die,” say others.

“#vkguy Twitter, make music, and I’ll move in here 24/7,” lament others.

According to some, the failure of “Vkontakte” is that the developers forgot to extend the lease of one of the service domains. Representatives of the company assure that the problem will be resolved soon.

The last major failure in the social network were seen on 24 may 2016. Then the “Vkontakte” users complained of slow loading.

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