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In USA considering a bill that would require companies to crack their encryption

It looks like the conflict between Apple and the U.S. government may be the last of its kind. The United States Senate Committee on intelligence published a new draft law “Compliance with Court Orders Act of 2016”, the authors of which were the senators from opposing parties, Democrat Dianne Feinstein and Republican Richard Bur. Its essence is that encryption of data ON manufacturers and devices will become, in fact, illegal. Any company will at the request of the government to do everything necessary to hack the device and is not available to decrypt for authorities data.

The bill is so primitive, so and weight. The fact that he is on one side does not prevent companies to use data encryption and does not obligate them to leave loopholes, or create other ways of forced breaking of their encryption (which is essentially the same). In fact, that’s exactly what he means.

The fact that companies in advance will have to develop a system of hacking for self-defense or to create defective protection with bypass capability. But if the encryption system is vulnerable, it is only a matter of time when this vulnerability will take advantage of those or other criminals.

The manufacturers of mobile devices should filter applications where decryption will be impossible. In the case that public authorities will need access to a specific device, the manufacturer will be obliged to provide a code system update to retrieve all the data. If the bill will come into force, recently WhatsApp introduced end communication encryption will be illegal, too, Telegram and other chat programs.

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The companies and the other option is to completely abandon the encryption. So here is a very simple way the senators removed from the government’s commitment to resolve these kinds of conflicts.

The reason for writing the act was the recent conflict Apple and the FBI have access to the iPhone 5c terrorist. The bill took a lot of Flack, because, ultimately, access to confidential information can get attackers that will bring companies huge losses. In this regard, the likelihood of the entry into force of the bill remains low.

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