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In Tomsk created a “domestic macOS” for 300 million roubles

Tomsk programmers began testing the first version of a Russian competitor of the automation system for Unix. A new software complex is already called alternative to macOS and Windows. According to experts, in the future it will allow Russian companies to abandon the use of known commercial operating systems.

The first Russian program-instrumental complex for control of technological processes on the basis of free software created in Tomsk. The product will enable enterprises of Russia, partly to stop using foreign platforms.

“Currently, the team, which includes researchers, University and specialists of the company “EleSi”, increases the functionality of a PC, the first version of the complex has been undergoing preliminary tests. The completion of key stages of works on creation of almost full-featured version PC, ready for demonstration to potential customers, scheduled for late 2017 — early 2018,” — said the press service of the Tomsk state University (TSU).

The initiators do not support a complete and final cancellation of the foreign software, and updating to the their development. The new product allows online to collect, store, process data and online control of all processes taking place in the workplace. The interest already shown by many industrial enterprises.

The total cost of the project exceeds 300 million rubles. Half of the funds were provided by the state and half from the industrial partner of the TSU “EleSi”.

The first version of the software passes the first test, however development is not over.

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