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In the web version of Yandex.The drive came document editor

Now users of Yandex.The disc can edit the documents or create new text files, spreadsheet or presentation. No additional software is required — the editor runs right in your browser.

Yandex announced launch of cloud document editor. It consists of three apps – Word Online, Excel Online and PowerPoint Online from Microsoft’s office Suite. All the edits the user makes to the document are automatically saved on the Disk. Even if your laptop suddenly running out of power, the data will remain intact, the developers say.

“The convenience of cloud storage largely depends on what tools for working with files in it, — says Natalia Khaitina, head of cloud services Yandex. Disc already can play audio and video files, allows you to process images, browse the archives and read e-books. Now it has the document editor, through which people can work with texts, spreadsheets, and presentations online. This is especially useful if the computer does not have Microsoft Office or other office applications.”

Yandex.The CD was launched in 2012. It is available at the address and also in the form of applications for computers for Windows, OS X and Linux and mobile devices iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Documents — the second most popular type of files on the Disk after photos.

Daily users download to Disk more than 880 000 text documents, 380 000 e-50 000 tables and presentations.

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