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In the US, students were forbidden to take examinations on a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Several us States have banned students to use on exams a MacBook Pro equipped with a touch panel of the Touch Bar. This publication reports Engadget.

As you know, MacBook Pro sample of 2016 received several unique innovations, including a Touch panel Bar, which replaced a number of function keys. When the window of some application is not active, OLED display duplicate standard keys on the top row MacBook Pro. Otherwise, open the palette commands that are specific to the program.

Despite the rather specific purpose of the Touch Bar, students in the United States is prohibited to use models with a touch-panel on the exam. If a student attempts to bring a laptop, it will ask you to complete a questionnaire (the exam is to select answers and filling in the graph) by hand. Also students are free to transfer the specialized software on another laptop and pass the exams on a PC.

As the newspaper notes, the ban on laptops with Touch pannel Bar introduced because the predictive selection of answers on the mini-screen, it offers the appropriate options in automatic mode. Theoretically, according to the initiators of the project, allows you to use the touchpad as a crib.

In some American States ban on laptops is not so categorical: students need to disable the Touch Bar. In other regions of the MacBook Pro last generation was under the complete ban on exams.

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