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In the US Apple Pay takes every third retailer in Russia is much less

Payment system Apple Pay take 36% of U.S. retailers, Android Pay — 24%, according to research firm Boston Retail Partners. According to experts, the possibility to pay for purchases with your smartphone will expand. Russia is already a working payment system, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, but the number of retailers accepting contactless payments using a smartphone disproportionately less.

As noted by Kommersant, more than a third of retailers in the U.S. — 36% — can pay for purchases with Apple Pay, another 22% are going to begin accepting Apple Pay in the next 12 months. Android Pay take 24% of American retailers in the next 12 months payments using Android Pay will start to take another 18% of shops. In second place after the Apple Pay system is PayPal — it is taking 34% of the stores. The third place MasterCard PayPass (25%), the fifth — Visa Checkout (20%).

Apple has stated that over the year the volume of transactions made via Apple Pay, has increased by 500%. Now, Apple Pay is available in 13 countries, in four of them — Japan, Russia, New Zealand and Spain — the service was launched last year. In the US, Apple Pay was launched in September 2014. In the first quarter of 2017 for Apple services, including Apple Pay, rose by 18%, to $7.2 billion while this amount is far behind the revenues received by the Corporation from the sale of the iPhone, is $54.4 billion in the first quarter— according to experts, the spread of Apple Pay and, accordingly, revenues from it will grow.

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“The idea that you can not carry a card, not yet established in our minds, but users are more comfortable paying with their smartphones, therefore the need for plastic is likely to decline,” the study says Boston Retail Partners. According to the company, in the next three years 84% of retailers are planning to use POS terminals where you can pay for purchases using mobile services.

The ability to pay via smartphone is growing with the increasing number of smartphones themselves. According to the company SMS Global in the first place on the smartphone penetration is South Korea (88%), followed by Australia (77%), the third — UAE (75%). The top 10 also include Israel (74%), USA (72%), Spain (71%), UK (68%), Canada (67%), Chile (65%) and Malaysia (65%).

In Russia, Apple Pay is earned in October 2016, last fall in Russia also earned payment service Samsung Pay. Experts expect that Android Pay will work in our country this spring.

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