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In the UK started selling the first “smart” condoms i.Con

Not all places on the body, it turns to fasten the wearable device, so British Condoms has decided to make a contribution. It is difficult to tell whether the product called i.Con Smart Condom to become a new word in the development of portable electronics and how to react to offer users, but pre-orders for the first “smart” condoms are already open.

The user promises to provide full details of intercourse: its duration, the speed and force of frictions, the number burned during sex calories, the body temperature. The creators of the product claim that it will also warn about the presence of sexually transmitted diseases.

Despite a name that speaks, from a technical point of view i.Con Smart Condom — not quite a condom. The device is a ring that is worn on a normal contraceptive.

The owner i.Con promise to provide almost all possible statistics. And, importantly, to allow me to compare it with the results of other users, so an element of competition here, too. Of really useful features include an increased level of protection from sexually transmitted diseases.

Be charged i.Con Smart Condom is via Micro-USB. It is planned that without charging ring will be able to work up to 8 hours. Like any other “smart” device, i.Con syncs with your phone via Bluetooth. The manufacturer assures that all data will be completely anonymous, to share them with the world or not — to solve to the user.

The value of i.Con Smart Condom will be about 60 pounds (4,300 rubles). On the company’s website you can pre-order the new.

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