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In the UK released a case for kisses on iPhone

There are times when I want to kiss a loved one, and he’s far away. Specially for such cases, the British developed a case for iPhone with which you can transmit a kiss over any distance.

Original accessory named Kissenger. The product is made in the form of a stand that holds your mobile device. The front panel has a special silicone pad that takes readings from attached to her lips and passes them to another iPhone.

The receiving dock, in turn, mimics the touch of your lips — this will also apply to lovers, or perhaps grandparents who would like to kiss a grandchild.

In addition, the case collects data on blood pressure and heart rate of the user. Using the obtained data, the creators of the accessory are going to understand how people react to the kiss Kissenger is exactly like real.

Behind the technology are a serious development, and the Creator of the device intends to develop the gadget on. The task of Brit – fully simulate human actions.

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