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In the U.S. for fans to be photographed for food released a selfie-spoon [video]

The American manufacturer that produces Breakfast cereals, introduced the “selfie-stick” attached to the end of a spoon. Accessory designed for users who want to photograph themselves during the meal.

The company Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which is a producer of cereal, presented a special spoon for selfie. The creators claim that thus found the solution to the problem that bothered many fans to photograph themselves: what to choose – food or selfie.

Thanks to the device, people will be able to simultaneously eat and take photos. It looks like a “selfie-stick”, but with one exception – at the end of the attached spoon. Its length when unfolded is 76 see “Gone are the days when you ate, and your friends didn’t know about it”, – stated in the published movie.

Included with the device is the remote. With his help, set the device to take photos. The device works with both iOS and Android. Selfie-spoon was released in a limited edition and can be purchased free of charge – just pay shipping.

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