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In the top 20 most popular cameras on Flickr has included 8 smartphones and tablets Apple and only 3 Samsung devices

Popular Flickr feed summed up the 2015. Including, presented statistics showing what the cameras captured images were uploaded to the service. As it turned out, the most popular are built-in cameras of smartphones by Apple.

IPhone users continue to gain weight in Flickr. If in 2014 they accounted for about 25% of all documents published on the photo hosting photos, by the end of the current year the share of such shots increased to approximately 30%.

According to the final rating of Flickr, a photo sharing site most actively are the owners of the iPhone 6, which accounted for 5% of all Flickr-hosted photos. Behind it there is iPhone 5s and 4.9% of photos, the iPhone 5 is 4.2% of iPhone 4s is 3.5%, iPhone 4 to 2.5% and iPhone 6 Plus – 2.2 per cent

Besides them in the top 20 included and some other Apple products. So, on the eighth row is available for the iPhone 5c, users which have uploaded on Flickr 1.8% of all photos. And in the second half of the rating you can see the iPad with a share of 1.1% of the shots.

In other words, of the twenty most popular gadgets Flickr includes eight smartphones and tablets the company from Cupertino. And besides Apple in the TOP 20 rankings Flickr turned out to represent only one brand of smartphone market – Samsung, presents a Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 and Galaxy SIII, which has taken 11, 13 and 19 places respectively.

In addition, the Flickr study revealed that iPhone users often use multiple gadgets to upload photos, including different models of iPhone and Canon digital camera.

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