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In the third quarter of the App Store revenue was 80% higher than Google Play

Major operating systems on the mobile market are Android and iOS, the share of small competitors on a global scale is negligible. Such popularity inevitably leads to prosperity app stores App Store and Google Play, but between the m there are significant differences which are shown in the study by App Annie.

Because of smartphones sold on Android much more than iPhone and iPad, it is not surprising that in the Google store downloads in the third quarter was 90% more than on iOS. In the second quarter was 85%, so the gap increases.

However, the purchasing power of iPhone owners is higher than that of owners for the most part low end Android devices. In the quarter under review, the revenue of the App store was 80% higher than in Google Play. A quarter earlier the difference was 70%, so the gap is growing here.

The number of downloads for any increases due for the first time bought smartphone users in countries like India, Indonesia and Vietnam. Apple receives bonuses from successful work in the market of China.

On the platform of Google at the Asian markets demand application security, cross-platform file sharing software SHAREit, Facebook and WhatsApp. On popular iOS application to stream video iCast Show and MiaoPai.

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