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In the third quarter, Apple spent $3 billion on research and development

Apple reported for the third fiscal quarter of 2017, noting that compared to the same period last year, its revenue increased by 7%. At the same time increased and costs $3 billion of which went on research and development.

According to the notice of the Commission, US securities and exchange Commission, this quarter costs Apple in the funding of the Department of research and development increased by 6% compared to the same period last year.

Of course, the specific projects for which funds are used, of the Department of research and development, Apple keeps a secret, but Tim cook during the announcement of quarterly results revealed a few interesting details. For example, cook noted that Apple is continuing research in the area of augmented reality. Some developments will appear later this year in the set ARKit for iOS 11.

“We are confident that augmented reality will be widely used in education, entertainment, interactive games, industry and other areas, about which we, probably, not even thought, — said the head of Apple. — Given that the iPhone and iPad used by millions of people, with the release of iOS 11, our mobile platform will become the world’s largest augmented reality platform”.

Another huge segment of the research, which spent the lion’s share of the funding of the Department is the development of Autonomous systems associated with unmanned vehicles. Recall that the rumors about the creation of the Apple-branded car appeared a few years ago. During the existence of this idea it became “overgrown” a huge number of facts, conjectures and suppositions, but no one doubts that Apple is working in this direction.

According to cook, which usually gone from a direct answer, the company is working on a “major project” in the field of Autonomous systems and invest huge sums in development, because it believes that “autonomy is sort of the mother of all projects to create AI”.

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