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In the Russian Orthodox Church for the Easter blessing to the collection of Orthodox Apple Watch 190 000 rubles

In addition to the exclusive iPhone 7 Russian-Italian brand Caviar presented a line of Apple Watch, dedicated to Orthodoxy. “Smart” watch Apple case with gold engravings which ornament replicates the traditional painting and architecture of medieval Russia. New items sanctified in the Gorodets Theodore monastery and received the blessing of the Bishop of Gorodets and Vetluga Augustine.

On one of the faces of smart watches in the performance of “Save and Protect” is engraved with the words of prayers that “are designed to grant a pardon and protection”, and the control button of the Apple Watch is decorated with the canonical image of the Orthodox cross.

In the version of “our father” on the Apple Watch caused the same prayer. The whole bracelet smart watch covered in gold 999, is a precious background for the text, each link carries the line from the main turning to God, existing in Orthodoxy.

Version of “the Source” is a prayer to the blessed virgin Mary. Artists covered patterns all facets of the case. On the control button miniature depicts a gold cross.

The manufacturer claims that the product has solid jewelry corps. Technology should give the watch a look of “absolute completeness and harmony.” The circulation of each series of the Apple Watch is limited to 99 copies.

The Apple Watch collection Credo with a diameter of 48 mm is worth 189 000 rubles.

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