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In the Russian App Store will soon be advertising

Apple expands its advertising in the App Store. Launched in September 2016, service Search Ads from today has spread to Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Apple has also introduced new tools for management of an advertising campaign.

Until today, the search is in the App Store only worked in the U.S. Department of the store. It is analogous to contextual advertising in Google Play. Soon Russian users in front of search results in the app store will see marked with a color stripe with the advertised game or program. The service is designed to help developers to more effectively promote its products. Those applications that have already been downloaded, the user will not see.

In order to launch an advertising campaign in the App Store you need to Fund your account, and then set a maximum threshold for the budget and to select the audience. To motivate the application developers to try the service Search Ads, the company gives everyone $100 for testing. Such a solution would allow anyone who wants to get acquainted with the peculiarities of promotion of programs and games in the App Store absolutely legal way.

The appearance of advertising in the App Store was the result of the change leaders the online Apple store, in the beginning of last year is eddy cue is responsible for the development of the store has been appointed Vice-President of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller.

Add that to the recent changes in App Store the company has also changed the distribution model of revenues from sales. Now such is shared between Apple and developers under the scheme 70/30. In Cupertino is not going to abandon the old scheme, but decided on some concessions: the developers who are able to keep customers on a subscription more than a year, can expect a 15% decline in shares of Apple.

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