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In the pursuit of millimeters: does the world need iPhone?

Last year, Apple’s chief designer Jonathan Ive expressed their attitude to criticism, which is connected with a small battery life in the iPhone. According to the legendary designer, the relatively short duration of the gadget from one charge to be called “disadvantage” because the resource allows users to have a thin, light and stylish smartphone.

iPhone 7, the output of which is expected this fall, according to rumors, will be 1 mm thinner than its predecessor, but the width and height will remain the same. Given that the iPhone 6s is dressed in a body thickness of 7.1 mm, the thickness of the shell iPhone 7 will be incredible to 6.1 mm. In pursuit of millimeters Apple would have to sacrifice the 3.5 mm audio Jack and do not have a Lightning port.

The advisability of reducing the thickness of smartphones is causing long discussions in the Internet. The first prototypes of the iPhone have been a few centimetres thick. By the time the official release of device dimensions could be reduced to 11,6 mm. Released three years later, the iPhone 4 is even thinner, the device could boast a 9.3 mm waistline With next-generation smartphone, the iPhone 5, Apple managed to set a new record of 7.6 mm. in two years it has updated the iPhone 6, the thickness of which does not exceed 7,1 mm.

Apple to create a thinner iPhone is not just a number on a page of specs or a marketing ploy. Ultra-thin designs reflect the design philosophy of Jonathan Ive: to create a device without any extraneous parts or unused space.

But sooner or later we come to the concept of “thin enough” and even “too thin”. In 2014, we can see how that turned out for the flagship iPhone 6 Plus that suffered from excessive “flexion artificial”. Although Apple claimed that the likelihood of bending apparatus during normal operation is extremely small, users have seen that this can happen even if you put a phablet in the front pocket of his pants, and then sit down.

With the iPhone 6s the company has considered an error, so in the new models began to use aluminum 7000-series, as well as more durable glass that has solved the problem of excessive flexibility. However, it did not give the answer to the question about the ideal thickness of the smartphone.

One of the key aspects here is the battery: the thicker the phone, the more Autonomous it can be. Neglecting this moment, in the pursuit of thick Apple ignores the interests of users. And many are rightly outraged. Such step the company shows that it is more important beautiful wrap, rather than the practicality and functionality of the product. At the same time, Apple has supporters who believe that for iPhone there are many opportunities to increase the life of the smartphone on a single charge — ranging from cases with an extra battery and ending in literate settings.

What do you think, should Apple continue to reduce the thickness of the iPhone 7. If so, to what size. Or Vice versa, she could add 1-2 mm, but increasing the battery capacity of smartphones?

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