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In the passenger flight Beijing-Melbourne exploded headphones [photos]

Australian Bureau of transport security (ATSB) on Wednesday, March 15, recommended to abandon the use of devices with batteries in the aircraft after the passenger flight Beijing-Melbourne exploded headphones.

Experts drew attention to the incident on Board the plane flying to Australia. The passenger received burns to the face and neck after her headphones exploded during the flight. At this point, the girl was asleep and therefore unable to quickly navigate the situation.

According to the victim, she fell asleep listening to music via wireless headphones, and woke up from the explosion. “I grabbed his face, headphones fell on the neck, but I continued to feel the intense heat. So I grabbed them and threw them on the floor, they sparkled and burned”, — said the victim. She suffered burns on the hands, face and neck.

The flight attendant poured water headphones. Their battery and the casing melted, the plane was the smell of burnt hair and plastic. The name of the victim, as the headphone manufacturer, is not yet known.

In the ATSB said that the fire probably caused by lithium ion batteries that eventually “welded” to the floor near the place where he was injured.

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