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In the new version of WhatsApp has the opportunity to draw and add labels to the photos and videos

In the App Store and Google Play the new version of WhatsApp messenger. Updated the app for iOS and Android lets you draw and add text and emoticons to photos and videos.

While drawing, you can choose from two special types of brushes: for pixilation and to remove the color. Add text or pictures can not only on the photographs, made directly in the application, but loaded from the device memory. Built-in editor allows you to change the size, color and even the font of your creation.

In the latest version of WhatsApp there are some other improvements. In particular, the opportunity to use a frontal flash in the camera for a selfie in low light conditions and zoom by sliding your finger up or down on the display. In addition, the developers added the option of quick switching between the front and back cameras by double tapping the screen.

Another innovation concerns the work with groups. Administrators can now invite people to join the group by sending them a link. To do this, under “Group” click on “an invitation to the group”.

Most new chips will be useful for WhatsApp users, although not all of them are unique. Service Snapchat has gained popularity thanks to these features, and a few months ago, Instagram introduced the Instagram service Stories which enables you to draw on photos videos. Similar opportunities offers signature messenger by Apple in iOS 10.

Download WhatsApp for iOS devices at this link.

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