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In the new collection of straps for Apple Watch includes 26 models

During the announcement of the new SE smartphone iPhone and 9.7 inch iPad Pro, Apple introduced a spring collection of straps for the Apple Watch and announced that it would reduce the cost of the device. In a new series of bracelets includes 26 different models.

As stated at the presentation, Apple CEO Tim cook, “every third owner of Apple Watch regularly prefer to change straps”. So before the new season, the developers have introduced a new variant of nylon netting, available in a bright spring-summer colours. The collection of accessories of the Apple Watch has added new colors of leather and sports straps.

In sport collection Watch strap for the Apple included version of yellow, pink, apricot, cornflower, cobalt and mint. A series of leather straps has been reinforced with white flowers and “stormy sky”. Users who prefer a strap with a modern buckle can choose, model “Arctic blue”, red and yellow. In a collection of belts with classic buckle model includes red, white, yellow, “Arctic blue”, black, “stormy sky” and “ocean blue”. As expected, Apple has expanded its collection of Milanese mesh bracelets model in black.

Leather straps and belts with modern buckle:

Belts with classic buckle:

The straps are made of nylon:

Sports lanyards:

The cost of new belts in Russia is already known. Sports sold at a price 4290 rubles, Milanese mesh bracelet – 12 for 290 rubles, strap with a modern buckle – 29 for 290 rubles, strap with classic buckle – 12 for 290 rubles, the strap is made from braided nylon – 4290 rubles. The time of delivery of accessories is 2-3 weeks.

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During the presentation, Apple CEO said that from that day the price of the base model Apple Watch is reduced by $ 50, to $ 299. In Russia smart watch are sold at a price of 25 990 rubles.

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