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In the Network got the constructive scheme of the iPhone 6s in the case of reinforced aluminum alloy [video]

About bendable iPhone heard even those who are “Apple” smartphones have never used. However, the problem has not been resolved so far — reports of precedents from time to time appear on the Internet and in respect of the latest iPhone 6. However, in the next generation of their offspring Apple fully intends to overcome the unfortunate effect of small irreversible flexion of the device under the influence of mechanical forces. At least so say the authors YouTube channel uSwitch Tech, who have posted three-dimensional model of the new smartphone iPhone 6s.

The information contained in the drawings, may be not very useful for the average user, however, it is important for developers and accessory manufacturers. According to resource, this is an internal document from Apple, which is intended for manufacturers of covers, protective films, docking stations and other accessories for the new generation of smartphones.

Depicted in the diagram, the device is slightly thicker iPhone 6. The thickness of the iPhone 6s, according to the leak, is 7.1 mm, instead of 6.9 mm at the current flagship. iPhone 6s Plus will be 7.3 mm vs. 7.1 the iPhone 6 Plus. In smartphones, Apple will use so-called aluminum 7000 series, reinforced with zinc and 60% greater strength than aluminum, which are made from the iPhone now. The material familiar with “smart” Watch Apple Watch Sport, and has previously been widely used in sports bikes.

The first problem with the deformation body was discovered in the iPhone 5, released in 2012, becoming the result of several underlying factors, to replace the glass plate on the rear panel in aluminium, which increased the screen size of the device and the reduced thickness of the body. As a result, some time after the receipt of smartphone on the market, the Internet has filled photos allegedly bent during normal wear in a pants pocket iPhone.

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The display of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in buildings made of reinforced aluminum alloy is expected this fall. The media has already appointed the presentation of new products for September 18.

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