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In the Network got the app to connect smart watches Samsung Gear S2 to the iPhone

IPhone users will soon be able to use watch Samsung Gear S2 and S2 Gear Classic. In the network leaked build iOS apps Gear Manager, which adds the “Apple” smartphone support devices South Korean brand.

Samsung has confirmed the release of iOS apps for “smart” clock Gear S2 at CES 2016, which was held from 6 to 9 January in Las Vegas. Then it was stated that later in 2016 the company plans to add gadgets the ability to work with devices based on the Apple platform. In March of this year, the Verizon Wireless erroneously indicated support for iPhone Gear S2 in the changelog of the update.

Today’s leak indicates that Samsung has almost completed development of the program and is actively involved in its testing. In other words, the support of the Samsung Gear S2 to the iPhone are coming soon.

Legitimate question: why do iPhone owners to use clock Samsung and not Apple? It all depends on personal preference, but Gear S2 many advantages over the Apple Watch. Samsung watch comes with a round dial with a convenient bezel for control applications, operate longer on a single charge of the battery, and also supports voice calls and mobile Internet without the use of a smartphone. Samsung produces two versions of S2 Gear: sports model and the classic. Gear S2 Classic you can change the straps, and they are pretty cheap.

Client Samsung Gear S2 applies not official yet, download it to your iPhone via iTunes or Xcode. Before that you need to set up your corporate profile. And, although it is not advisable to install software from sources you trust, attached to post photos you can really see the “smart” watch Samsung Gear S2, paired with a smartphone.

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